Define tracheostomy medical terms

He was going to start a tracheotomywhich is opening the throat and inserting a tube into the windpipe. Medics carried him into Fallujah Surgical for an immediate tracheotomy. Seizure disorder, severe developmental delays and neurological impairment, feeding tube and tracheotomy. He barely survived, losing a chunk of his shoulder, saved only by an immediate tracheotomy. Hospitalized in Britain, with a tracheotomy tube down her throat, she was in no position to protest.

The air passages may also become affected, and in one case tracheotomy was performed for the relief of the breathing. The preparation of the skin and the position of the body are the same as for tracheotomy.

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It is hoped by early injection to avoid the necessity for tracheotomy. The sooner the serum is injected the better the prognosis with tracheotomy. Complications are less common than with tracheotomy for diphtheria. Save This Word! Words nearby tracheotomy tracheorrhagiatracheoschisistracheoscopytracheostenosistracheostomytracheotomytracheotomy tubeTrachiniaetrachitistrachletrachoma. Example sentences from the Web for tracheotomy He was going to start a tracheotomywhich is opening the throat and inserting a tube into the windpipe.

Incision into the trachea through the neck. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company.These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'tracheostomy.

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Examples of tracheostomy in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web Deprived of oxygen, Tuparan suffered severe brain damage, underwent a tracheostomy and intubation and was put on a ventilator.

Wertheim, Smithsonian Magazine"How a Polio Outbreak in Copenhagen Led to the Invention of the Ventilator," 10 June These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'tracheostomy.

First Known Use of tracheostomy circain the meaning defined above. Keep scrolling for more. Learn More about tracheostomy.

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Time Traveler for tracheostomy The first known use of tracheostomy was circa See more words from the same year. Dictionary Entries near tracheostomy tracheophonine Tracheophyta tracheophyte tracheostomy tracheotomize tracheotomy Trachichthyidae See More Nearby Entries.

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define tracheostomy medical terms

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This website is only for medical professional education. Contact a healthcare provider for medical care. All Rights Reserved.The resulting stoma hole can serve independently as an airway or as a site for a tracheal tube or tracheostomy tube [1] to be inserted; this tube allows a person to breathe without the use of the nose or mouth. Some sources offer different definitions of the above terms. Part of the ambiguity is due to the uncertainty of the intended permanence of the stoma hole at the time it is created.

There are four main reasons why someone would receive a tracheotomy: [3]. In the acute short term setting, indications for tracheotomy include such conditions as severe facial traumatumors of the head and neck e. In the context of failed tracheal intubationeither tracheotomy or cricothyrotomy may be performed.

In the chronic long term setting, indications for tracheotomy include the need for long-term mechanical ventilation and tracheal toilet e. Tracheotomy may result in a significant reduction in the administration of sedatives and vasopressorsas well as the duration of stay in the intensive care unit ICU. In extreme cases, the procedure may be indicated as a treatment for severe obstructive sleep apnea OSA seen in patients intolerant of continuous positive airway pressure CPAP therapy.

The reason tracheostomy works well for OSA is because it is the only surgical procedure that completely bypasses the upper airway.

define tracheostomy medical terms

This procedure was commonly performed for obstructive sleep apnea until the s, when other procedures such as the uvulopalatopharyngoplastygenioglossus advancementand maxillomandibular advancement surgeries were described as alternative surgical modalities for OSA. If prolonged ventilation is required, tracheostomy is usually considered. The timing of this procedure is dependent on the clinical situation and an individual's preference.

An international multicenter study in determined that the median time between starting mechanical ventilation and receiving a tracheostomy was 11 days. A meta-analysis in revealed improved outcomes from early tracheostomy compared to late tracheostomy, including decreased number of days in the intensive care unit ICUdecreased use of sedative medications, and decreased mortality rates.

A tracheostomy tube may be single or dual lumen, and also cuffed or uncuffed.

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A dual lumen tracheostomy tube consists of an outer cannula or main shaft, an inner cannula, and an obturator. The obturator is used when inserting the tracheostomy tube to guide the placement of the outer cannula and is removed once the outer cannula is in place.

The outer cannula remains in place but, because of the buildup of secretions, there is an inner cannula that may be removed for cleaning after use or it may be replaced. Single lumen tracheostomy tubes do not have a removable inner cannula, suitable for narrower airways. Cuffed tracheostomy tubes have inflatable balloons at the end of the tube to secure them in place.

A tracheostomy tube may be fenestrated with one or several holes to let air through the larynxallowing speech. Special tracheostomy tube valves such as the Passy-Muir valve [9] have been created to assist people in their speech. The patient can inhale through the unidirectional tube. Upon expiration, pressure causes the valve to close, redirecting air around the tube, past the vocal folds, producing sound.

By the late 19th century, some surgeons had become proficient in performing the tracheotomy procedure. The main instruments used were:. Haemostatic forceps were used to control bleeding from separated vessels that were not ligatured because of the urgency of the operation.

Generally, they were used to expose the trachea by clamping the isthmus thyroid gland on both sides.Vital signs are monitored frequently after surgery.

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Warm, humidified oxygen is administered. The patient is placed in the semi-Fowler position to promote ease of breathing. A restful environment is provided. Communication is established by questions with simple yes and no answers, hand signals, and simple sign language and with use of a slate or an alphabet board for writing.

Written communication requires vision, hand strength, and dexterity and is often difficult or impossible for acutely ill patients. Later, the patient is taught how to cover the tracheostomy with the cuff deflated to facilitate speech, or is provided with a speaking valve and taught how to use it.

Before the patient is able to speak, the nurse should be alert to the patient's unmet needs and assist to prevent increased anxiety.

define tracheostomy medical terms

Chest physiotherapy promotes aeration of the lung. Suctioning of secretions with prehyperoxygenation and posthyperoxygenation and tracheostomy care are provided as necessary, using aseptic technique throughout. Dressing is changed frequently during the first 24 hr postoperatively, and the surgical site is observed for excessive bleeding. Coughing and deep breathing are encouraged at regular intervals.

A teaching plan should cover stoma care, which includes cleansing, removing crusts, and filtering air with a suitable filter. The patient and his or her health care team should watch for signs of infection, such as reddening of the skin or drainage of pus from the surgical site. Aspiration is a risk for all tracheostomized patients, but may be reduced when a speaking valve is used.

The patient is assessed for signs and symptoms of aspiration, including changes in secretion production, fever, and mental status changes.

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The patient should not smoke and should avoid secondhand smoke. Activities may be gradually increased to include noncontact sports but should not include swimming. Showering may be permitted if the patient wears a protective plastic bib or uses a hand to cover the stoma. The patient should be reassured that secretions will decrease and that taste and smell will gradually return.

If a speaking valve is used, the patient is taught to clean it daily with water and mild, fragrance-free soap, to rinse it thoroughly and allow it to air dry, and to place it in its storage container when not in use. The importance of follow-up care with an ear, nose, and throat specialist is stressed.


Related to tracheostomy: tracheostomy caretracheostomy tube. The procedure may be an emergency measure or an elective one. Tracheostomy Tubes. There are many types of tracheostomy tubes available, but the basic structure is the same. All are curved to accommodate the anatomy of the trachea and most consist of an outer cannula to maintain the patency of the airway and an inner cannula that fits snugly inside the outer cannula and can be removed for cleaning and removal of accumulated secretions without disturbing the operative site.

An accessory to the tracheostomy tubes is the obturator pilotwhich is an olive-tipped curved rod that is used to guide the outer cannula and prevent scraping of the tracheal walls while the tube is being inserted.

The earliest tracheostomy tubes were made of silver and consisted of only the three basic components. Later models came with an adaptor on the inner cannula to allow connection with a ventilator. The plastic tracheostomy tubes that are popular today may or may not have an inner cannula, but most have an inflatable cuff attached. The inflatable cuff may be built on the outer cannula, or it may be applied as needed. The cuff that is to be applied must be the proper size in order to be effective.

The purpose of the cuff is to hold the tube in place and prevent the flow of air around the outside of the outer cannula. This allows for more effective ventilation of the patient and prevents the aspiration of liquids into the trachea.

The cuffs may maintain a constant high or low pressure. Some cuffs are attached to a balloon to allow the pressure to vary in response to conditions within the trachea, for example, when a patient coughs or changes position.Please understand that our phone lines must be clear for urgent medical care needs.

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define tracheostomy medical terms

Definition: The process whereby a tracheostomy tube is removed once patient no longer needs it. Indication: When the initial indication for a tracheostomy no longer exists. A patient is considered a candidate for decannulation once the following conditions are met.

Criteria for decannulation. Once all of the above criteria are met, the patient is informed that their trach tube is going to be removed. They are instructed that they may experience a sensation of shortness of breath for a few minutes once they are decannulated.

Arrangements should be made for back-up personnel RT or RN to be available in case of emergency. Decannulation is usually not done at home. The patient is placed supine flat on their bed, the tube is removed and the opening into the neck is covered with sterile gauze and a tape is placed over the gauze. The patient is instructed to occlude the gauze with their finger tip every time they cough or speak so that air does not leak.

They should change the gauze and the tape at least once a day more often as needed until the hole in the neck heals itself closed over the next few days to weeks.

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